Friday, March 18, 2011

03/18/11: Will You Humor Me?

I have no food to report since I last wrote.

I have a favor to ask anyone who may be reading this blog: Even if you think it's the suckiest, most boring blog you've ever read and have no intention of coming back, or if you read it just once in a while, or if you read it and champion what I'm trying to do, would you please "follow" me? Following the blog doesn't commit you to anything. You won't get the blog delivered to your e-mail address, and you won't get spammed with anything. It would just be nice to have some visual representation of who lands on my page, like birds on my little "wire." I'd be even more tickled if some of you who "followed" me came from other counties. Please, just humor me and let me know you've looking at/read this blog, even just once :-) And now, onto blogging . . .

Ugh. I am such a slob about keeping this commitment to abstain from white sugar and white flour and blog about the results every day in 2011. Just had to remind myself what I committed to do late last year. Sigh. I easily get revved up to do something, and then I find it hard, if not impossible, to follow through. In my defense, I will say that I've had an abnormally difficult time concentrating on my work, so I have felt pressured to catch up, and I've in general been running slow, with difficulty sleeping, putting me behind the 8-ball in almost all areas of my life, at which point the tracking and blogging go right out the window, with the baby and the bath water! God, that was an awkward run-on sentence, wasn't it?

So what was distracting me from my work? My makeup collection. Yes, I have a girly, shallow hobby: I collect cosmetics, mainly eyeshadow. My favorite cosmetics company, Aromaleigh, is liquidating their stock, and there is much swapping going on over at the Aromaleigh Anonymous Facebook page. It's a totally un-Godly pursuit and so much out of proportion that it completely fails to honor God in any way, so I guess it's my sinful little guilty pleasure. And if that's the main sin I carry, I think I'm doing pretty well for a human being. I committed much more heinous sins when I was younger (I may tell you about them, or I may not). I've confessed them, and made appropriate amends, in my Ninth Step, so they don't really haunt me anymore. But I need to remember them so I don't forget that I could easily fall back into them if I don't keep up my close contact with my Higher Power. I have been careful to maintain my God time and Bible reading while I wasn't tracking and blogging, so I feel good about that.

Sending everyone a virtual (((hug)))!

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