Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Hi all. Here are the highlights of this past week:

Saturday, 10/22/11: Lost 1.4 pounds at my Weight Watchers weigh in. I finally start dreaming of reaching my first 10-pound weight loss goal. Didn't exercise because it was the weekend.

Sunday, 10/23/11: After Saturday's success, I made the decision to try working with the "normal" 29 points instead of adding in my Points Plus values every day. It's become a game for me to see if I can stay within my food budget AND make my daily macronutrient goals. Guess what? I did it (for most of the week). Didn't exercise because it was the weekend. Had an awesome speaker for the recovery Bible study, our first speaker on our 4-week anniversary date :-)

Monday, 10/24/11: Thought of how losing my excess poundage will actually be like returning home to myself. Just as recovery and therapy have helped me get back a large bit of who I used to be, my body is tagging along to fit the rest of the new "old" me. Swam for 50 minutes!

Tuesday, 10/25/11: Worked on getting stuff together for the new Al-Anon meeting starting this Friday night. Otherwise nothing special. No exercise today.

Wednesday, 10/26/11: Went totally off plan with Peeps pumpkins and ghosts as well as a Reese's pumpkin. Think about ending my white sugar-and-flour (Fiber One brownie bars) binge. No exercise :-( Had my second Benlysta infusion.

Thursday, 10/27/11: Work begins on installing a new air-conditioning system in our house. Because the floors are all draped with drop cloths, which I can't walk on at all, I'm pretty much trapped inside. Too many ladders and working men around to do my physical therapy floor exercises, so no exercise again today.

Friday, 10/28/11: Trapped in the house again but happy that we will have more efficient airco next year and a new programmable heat thermostat for this winter :-)

Today, Tuesday, November 1, 2011: This morning (it actually started last night; I like to get a head start, LOL), I had an anxiety melt-down about the recent slow down in my editorial work as well as the new Al-Anon meeting: thinking I was going about it all wrong, that no one would show up, and that it would close within the month. Since the Al-Anon meeting was more immediate than finding a solution to the lack-of-work problem, I decided to put my focus there. It was challenging to "therapy" myself through something like this, but today I did it. I made extra time to spend with God; used a cool concordance my pastor gave us recently, in which I looked up helps for anxiety and read them; journaled about my thoughts and feelings; told my sponsor what was going on; and made the decision to go to my Tuesday Al-Anon meeting and share my thoughts and feelings, which was very helpful. I ended up getting a lot of encouragement, which felt great. Also lined up my first and second speakers for the month. 

I'm trying to exercise my faith muscles, and my Higher Power helped me talk myself down off the ledge today :-) See you this weekend.

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