Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011: Talking Addict to Addict

Yesterday's food:

God time? Yes
Exercise? Yes
Points: 37/38 (2 extra base points earned from exercise)
[P]  Chicken sausage
[P] Pork
[V] Carrots
[V] Carrots
[V or F]  Brussels sprouts
[F] Apple
[F] X
[St] Kashi
[St] Noodles (in homemade pork lo mein)
[St] Peas and water chestnuts (in homemade pork lo mein)
[D] Skim milk
[D] Yogurt
[Sn] Fiber One brownie
[Sn] Fiber One brownie
[Sn] SF Klondike ice cream sandwich
[Sn] WhoNu? cookies (x 9!)
[W] Four cups

Whew; I'm exhausted. I've been dealing with a lot of dental pain/dental appointments over the past 10 days and trying to keep up with my work, so that's why P haven't been blogging. On a happier note. I've been doing really well with my Weight Watchers program and feel confident that I lost some weight last week even though I didn't go to my Saturday meeting because of tooth pain. I feel like I'm back on track now, and it's mainly due to a conversation I had last week with someone close to me who is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict.

I shared with him how I had plateaued on Weight Watchers and how I was counting (and rationalizing) my points and possibly overcounting my activity points. He said to me, "You're talking just like an addict." That comment caught me up short because although I know his story, and I've mentioned mine, he's never been that blunt and to-the-point with me before. He shared some of the ways he used to try to control his drinking and how they had failed, and then he made some suggestions.

In addition, although I had missed the Weight Watchers meeting, my roommate had brought back the weekly leaflet, the topic of which was plateauing. It had a quiz to determine how I might be sabotaging my program, and I answered "yes" to at least three or four of them. Then it had suggestions on how to get back on plan for each point where I was failing. Between the talk and the leaflet, I feel like I've found some of the patterns, most of them based in laziness and "familiarity," where I'm not working the program to my utmost. I'm also now using a spiral-bound tracker that I bought at my last meeting. It has more room to write in and track various elements, and I'm tracking more conscientiously and fastidiously now and without resentment or boredom! Tomorrow or later this week I'll get back to swimming, too.

So, what conversation or printed material has helped you this week? Please comment and let me know -:-)

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