Saturday, December 25, 2010

12/25/10: Pre-Inspired

Almost a new year, my first blog, and my first post. I was inspired last night, while watching "Eat Pray Love," to begin my own journey in developing a closer relationship with the God of my understanding. I already know that consuming both white sugar, white flour, and white rice blocks my "channel" with God, and I'm ripe for a better relationship with Him -- better discernment, better obedience -- so I feel in my gut (where I'm most likely to hear God) that 2011 the year for this "experiment."

My plan is to eliminate white sugar and white flour from my diet and to blog about how doing do affects my spiritual growth, awareness, and action in the world. Basically, this blog will be about how my entire personal "universe" changes in the process.

My self-imposed rules for this experiment are as follows:

1. No white sugar and no white flour among the first five ingredients of the ingredient list (because I'm a compulsive sugar-eater to begin with, that is a very big restriction for me!).

2. Kashi cereal, Coffee-Mate, Nightfood bars, as well as stevia and sugar substitutes, are the only "allowables" (see below). 

3. If I find that the above items seduce me into eating white sugar and flour, I will cut them out, too. I will tell you when (and if) that happens.

4. All other food is fair game!

5. Each day, I will post what I ate the previous day, including quantities.

6. I will blog every day, unless I am ill (which, with lupus, is likely to happen from time to time).

My adventure begins on January 1, 2011. Won't you join me?

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  1. It's going to be a fascinating journey, Lisa, and it will be fun to see what happens along the way.

    Cutting out white sugar and white flour may be a challenge, but there are many paths to spirituality, and all are worthy.

    My sister is a nutrition therapist and often talks about our journey with food. Looking forward to hearing about yours!