Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011: Some Recovery Humor

Yesterday's food:

Tuesday, 04/12/11: Bed at 10:30 pm/up at 9:15 am
God time? Yes
[P] Egg white
[P] Chicken (Lean Cuisine)
[P] Shrimp (x 7)
[V] Carrots (Lean Cuisine)
[V] Green beans
[V] X
[F] Apple
[F] Cantaloupe
[F] Cantaloupe
[St] Kashi
[St] Rice (Lean Cuisine)
[St] Pamela’s GF/SF cookies (x 3)
[St] Risotto
[D] Skim milk
[D] Skim milk
[Sn] Pamela’s GF/SF cookies (x 3)
[Sn] Pamela’s GF/SF cookies (x 3)
[W] Four cups (including tea w/ creamer [x 2])
*[SUGAR!] Haagen-Dasz ice cream

Although I ate an ungodly amount of food yesterday, including way too many starches (doing my taxes; yuck), my overall macronutrient balance wasn't too bad: 12.96% protein, 21.42% fat, and 65.62% carbohydrate. It was totally done by the seat of my pants (see photo above) because the only thing I really watch is my protein. I've been a bit over my calorie goal each day, but yesterday was the worst day so far. Again, my sugar and flour consumption correlated inversely with my God time, which I haven't had a real dose of in two or three days (just Bible reading for Sunday school).

Good news is, I finished my taxes today, so I'm less likely to stress nosh at my desk. No matter how many times I tell myself that I'm going to get my taxes on track this (or any) year, I'm always doing them at the last minute. I guess tax readiness is a process, just like everything else in my life (just AFGE = another f*****g growth experience)!

Speaking of acronyms, have you ever heard this one? FEAR before recovery = F**k everything and run. FEAR in recovery = Face everything and recover. And did you hear the one about the woman in France during the revolution who was sentenced to die by guillotine? The woman before her and went up to the slicer, but it didn't work, so the officials let her go free. The same thing happened with two more women. When her time finally came to face the guillotine, she got into position, looked up at the apparatus, and said, "You know . . . I can fix that!" Badum-bum.

Thanks for letting me joke off some steam :-) Sure beats eating!

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