Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011: Disappointment and Redirecting My Focus

Yesterday's food: I actually forgot to track. I was too excited for my Nightfood giveaway :-)

Last night was a real disappointment. The microphone my niece was supposed to sing into wasn't working. So, she moved over to another mic, which another girl had been using (they were each to have a short solo in the song, "Good Morning Baltimore" [from Hairspray] and then were supposed to sing together for a few lines). However, the other girl wouldn't move over to let my niece sing and sang her part instead! I was really pissed, all the way back to the car, that I had missed hearing my niece sing, and then I remembered that God is in charge of everything, and I practiced "Let Go and Let God" right then and there. I ended the evening having to be carried up my front steps because my left knee gave out on me, and I don't know why. I started into my usual "global" fear and projection pattern I usually go into when something goes wrong with me physically, but I stopped myself pretty quickly and refocused myself in the present. This ability to catch myself mid-thought and practice my program/mindfulness tells me that I have grown quite a bit since I started this experiment. I also noticed during the concert that my senses, as well as my ability to really be in my body, was very heightened. I had my eyes closed for much of it and just felt the music i my body while imagining being able to dance again (something I would have pursued had I not become handicapped in 1986).

I was recently confronted with the awareness that I don't really believe that my Higher Power (a.k.a. God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit) is all that powerful. I give a lot of lip service to His power, but deep in my heart I think my puny little handicap (relatively speaking) is too much for Him to cure! My therapist suggested imagining (and feeling in my body) what it would be like if God could (and did) heal my body. Conjuring up body memories are the most effective type of affirmation for me plus they feel good, too :-) Before I came home and nearly collapsed on the front steps, I was dancing ballet to Vivaldi's "Gloria" and having a grand time doing it!

Do you have any body memories that are particularly delightful for you? Please share them!

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