Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011: Blanca Update :-)

Yesterday' food:

God time? Yes
Exercise? Yes
Calories: +463 over goal
 [P] Egg white
[P] Chicken (Lean Cuisine)
[V] Large salad
[V] Large salad
[V] Large salad
[F] Apple
[F] Apples and cranberries (Lean Cuisine)
[F] X
[St] Kashi
+[St] Orzo (Lean Cuisine)
[St] Popcorn
[D] Skim milk
*[D] Ranch dressing
[D] Skim milk
[Sn] Nightfood bar
[Sn] SF/GF cookies
[W] Two cups (including tea w/ creamer)


Yep, I'm counting calories now with the Livestrong Daily Plate program. I thought that cutting out sugar and white flour would be enough to make me lose weight as well as get closer to God and decrease the pain level in my body, but I guess two out of three isn't bad, LOL. I'm still not going to focus much on weight loss here, but posting the particulars of my eating is a good way for me to record things. 

I thought I'd update you on how my rescue kitty, Blanca, is doing. "Well" would be the answer! She's socializing quite well, much to my surprise. I guess I was prepared for the worst. She now has a habit of peeking around the living room corner about 9:00 pm when I'm watching TV. I "kiss" her over to the kitty cup, which I've placed at my feet, and she plops and splays herself in it for a half-hour tickle.

Now, the last few days in the morning, she's been waking me up by playing with my toes. After that, she and Buster wrestle for a little while on my bed. So very sweet and cute. It's nice to see her wanting affectionate human touch and to watch her personality start to blossom. I know she really likes living here because she's never interested in going anywhere near an open door. I like that I've been able to be patient enough with her to let her decide how close she wants to be with me. Another fruit of the Spirit, huh? They're just blooming all over!

Have a great night! 


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