Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28, 2011: OMG! I'm Such a Slob!

You may now whip me with a thousand wet noodles for not blogging in the past 11 days (give or take). I. am. such. a. slob. I've always been bad at letter-writing, and sometimes blogging feels like I'm writing one long letter that rarely gets answered. I KNOW you're out there (I check my stats every so often), so suck it up and write me a danged comment already! Heh-heh. Was that enough of a hissy fit for you? It would be a lot more interesting to blog if I knew somebody was reading (hint, hint).

No food today, but please know that I have been tracking my points, and I've sworn off the "cold, crunchy chocolate shell" of the Klondike bars, even if they are low in points. I found a substitute (sugar-free Fudgesicles) that are only 1 point each, so they have been my "guilty pleasure" for the past 11 days since I last wrote. They remind me, in an innocuous and safe way, that my inner Chew is ever ready to leap out and devour everything that isn't nailed down. However, the sugar-free Fudgesicles don't trigger my Chew like the Klondike bars did. I've also lost 1 pound of the 2.1 pounds I regained after July 4th. Hopefully my Weight Watchers weigh-in on Saturday will show more results because I've been swimming hard this week and not using the points :-)

OK, I'm going to let my superficial, pop-culture self out and say I'm going to close early so I can watch the start of this season's Project Runway, including a pre-show on the selection process and that I am going to start my own beauty blog (cosmetic beauty, that is) after all. I didn't think I wanted to write two blogs at the same time, but I've (pretty much) had a good time guest reviewing (only one annoying experience out of the bunch), so I'm going to give it a try :-) I'm thinking of naming it "Fleurs-de-Lisa." What do you think?

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