Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9, 2011: Oh, Klondike, How Do I Quit You?

Yesterday's food:
God time? Yes
Exercise? No (weekend)
Points: 34 of 36
[P] X
[P] X
[V] Broccoli
[V] X
[V or F] Apple
[F] Peaches
[F] Cantaloupe
[St] Kashi
[St] Brown rice 
[St] Pizza
[D] Skim milk
[D] Skim milk 
[D] Mozzarella stick
[Sn] Creamer
[Sn] Popcorn 
*[Sn] Klondike bars (x 2)
[Nightfoodbar] Yes
[W] Five cups (!)

I'm trying really hard tonight not to give up, beat myself up, and sabotage my weight loss. The whole last week was incredibly hard for me, and I used a few days of non-abstinence as an excuse to take the entire weekend off. Went back to my old grazing/binging habits. I'm scared of how easily it came back to me, but I'm not surprised by it. Now, when I had been feeling safe with the Weight Watchers plan, I feel like a bad dream waiting to happen. I'm not going to whine in your ear, but if you'd keep me in your prayers I would appreciate it. There's nothing for me to do except go straight back to the First Step and admit my powerlessness over food. Again <le sigh>. My devilish addiction is so freaking boring and annoying and ever-ready to pounce when I'm weak. I'm not going to listen to the little Pillsbury dough boy who runes around in my head saying, "Go ahead! Eat! You've f-ed it up this far; might as well throw the towel in and call it a life."I HATE that measly little dough boy but I'd better learn to live with him since he's part of me.

I just dawned on me, when looking at my food from yesterday, trying to see where I went wrong (yesterday was supposed to be the day I "got back on track"), that I didn't have a proper amount of protein, and I've also been eating some straight sugar again. I've been told that inadequate protein intake, combined with excessive consumption of sugar, can set one up for a bad food day. Note to self: Don't skimp on protein.

I went from snacking on the sugar-free Klondike bars, which are a cookie-type sandwich, to snacking on the 100-calorie (sugared) Klondike bars, which have that crunchy chocolate coating. Now I like my chocolate cold anyway, so this has been a real set-up for me. There is something different about pure sugar, compared with fake sugar, that does trigger me in way that sugar-free foods don't. I need to respect, shake the dust off my feet, and get back on the wagon before I do any more damage. Sigh. I love that crunchy chocolate coating . . . 


  1. Lisa, how do the foods that you intend to abstain from get "in" the house? Do you bring them in? I know what you mean about protein. I've found that if I have some protein (milk or a piece of cheese) mid-morning AND mid-afternoon it sets me up for a much better lunch and dinner. Keep on keepin' on!

  2. Yes, stores, food or otherwise, are my sticking point. I need to be more aware and prepared for that, i.e., not to buy. I had been eating those Klondike bars because they are actually fewer WW points than what I had been snacking on before, but the sugar content really set me up. So, bye-bye to them. I'm on much a better points track now :-) Thanks for commenting!