Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011: Sleep Like Rip: Win a Year's Supply of Nightfood!

No food today because my eating been dismal all week, thanks to Independence Day. Guess I'm not liberated yet from associating social events with food or being able to control my compulsive eating at food-laden events. I think I'm still too fresh in Weight Watchers. I maintained last week (i.e., no loss), and I'm quite sure I will have gained something when I step on the WW scale on Saturday. But for now, I have a fun announcement for you:

I have another Nightfood giveaway! This time it's a really big prize: a year's worth of Nightfood bars. I wonder, if you ate them all in a row, would you sleep for a straight year? Yowser, LOL! I need to post a pic of Rip Van Winkle :-)

It's really simple to enter, too. All you have to do is buy one box of Nightfood bars during the month of July. And since they have a money-back guarantee if they don't work (they refund you with no need to return the bars), you have absolutely nothing to lose! You can buy your box here:

Got that? You can buy a box of Nightfood bars and be entered to win a whole year's worth of Nightfood bars! That's 365 nights of GREAT SLEEP and even better waking! Get your box and entry at!

In case you need some persuasion as to their effectiveness, here are some words straight from the winner of the last Nightfood contest, Deb P.:

"So after a week of using the Nightfood - I can definitely say it's working. I slept fantastic almost every night I had one, and as soon as they were gone it was back to lying awake until dawn - or later . . . Thanks so much for alerting me to the Nightfood - it's so wonderful to get a decent night's sleep for a change! I've already ordered enough to finish out the month and then I'll go on a subscription plan. . I've been an insomniac for something like fifteen years, so this stuff is a godsend. Tell him they need more flavours! *cough*peanut butter*cough*"

Did that help, LOL?

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