Sunday, February 13, 2011

02/13/11: Permission to Abdicate

Yesterday's food:

02/12/11 Bed at 11:30 pm/up at 7:00 am
God time? Of sorts
[P] Egg white
[P] Quiche filling
[P] Pork roast
[V] Mixed peppers
[V] Broccoli
[V] Vruit
[F] Apple
[F] Vruit
[F] X
[St] SF/GF muffins (x 2)
[St] SF/GF muffins (x 2)
[St] +Quiche crust
[D] Skim milk
[D] Quiche filling
[D] Skim milk
[Sn] Nightfood bar
[Sn] Nightfood bar
[Nightfood bar] Yes
[W] Two cups (including tea w/ creamer)

What's shakin' with you? I had a pretty good day today, without white sugar and white flour. Never thought I'd say that, but it's true. I may feel differently tomorrow, but just for right now, it's true. I'm actually starting to feel just a little bit freer from the compulsion to "use" those two foods, and it feels really good.

I had a day of "planned" experiment abdication last week with a friend who asked me out to dinner, and I'll have another one tomorrow because someone invited me out for a movie (Black Swan), and I already bought a theater-box of Raisinets, LOL. At least they are 50% (or more) fruit!

I felt much more in control having a planned abdication form my experiment. Very different from my experiences of losing control followed by self-loathing. It was fun to give myself permission to eat, and boy! did we eat!

What sort of fun have you given yourself permission to have lately?

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