Friday, February 25, 2011

02/25/11: I'm Back and No Worse for the Wear

Many days of nontracked food: 02/16/11 through 02/23/11

Yesterday's food: 

02/24/11 Bed at 10:30 pm/up at 8:00 am
God time? Yes
[P] Egg white
[P] Dairy in lasagna
[V] Green beans
[V] Brussels sprouts
[V] Red, yellow, and orange peppers
[F] Apple
[F] X
[F] X
[St] Kashi
[St] Rice
[St] +Noodles in lasagna
[St] Popcorn
[D] Skim milk
[D] Skim milk
[D] *Ice cream
[D] Cheese in lasagna
[Sn] Nightfood bar
[Sn] Nightfood bar
[Sn] Nightfood bar
[Sn] Nightfood bar
[W] Four cups (including tea with creamer)

Whew, I'm having a really hard time with this whole tracking thing, although I know it's the best way to go. Problem is, I usually try to keep all of my food for the day in my head and then enter it into a Word document and then copy and paste it here. And I'm forgetting to do the recording. So, I bought a little lined journal to carry around with me (I eat in all different rooms of the house) so I can write each item down right away. So far, so good. And it's easier that trying to keep everything in my head. Just to be safe, I'm going to post here even if I don't track, OK? I imagine that the nontracked days are just as spiritually laden as the tracked ones, but we'll see.

I did eat some sugar and flour during my time of not tracking. Nothing really bingey, except for last Friday, when I scarfed down five, count 'em, five fresh and soft Dunkin' Donuts on my way to a doctor's appointment! It was planned abandon, and I lost myself to that creamy, jimmied sweetness with joy on my tongue and a song in my heart! I haven't had Dunkin Donuts for about 20 years and am not likely to have them for another 20 years, so I really let so and enjoyed myself, LOL!

On the spiritual front, my God time has been sporadic. However, last Sunday I taught a workshop to some of the teens and adolescents in my church on finding their spiritual gits. I felt pretty comfortable with them, and the concluding class is this Sunday night.

Wish me luck in answering God's call for me to do this!

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  1. Glad you're back; I was concerned. Good luck tomorrow night too!