Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011: A Good Then Craptastic Day

Funny how my moods, and therefore my eating, can change on the proverbial dime (or quarter with inflation). I purposely didn't track yesterday and allowed myself a wee binge on mini marshmallows, which I finished this afternoon. No particular consequence of doing so: I slept well and woke up feeling refreshed before the alarm went off. So far, so good. Had a good (and final) diabetes education class that I didn't expect to be good, but it was (so there!). I tested my blood sugar myself for the very first time and got a reading of 101; exercised in my wheelchair (upper body only) for 10 minutes (per the class experiment; the rest of the people walked); waited 15 minutes; retested again and got a reading of 90! The teacher was telling us how the act of exercising itself can lower blood glucose. I like "show-and-tell" experiments like that. Part of me must be from Missouri (the "show-me" state), LOL.

Hoever, everything is fine in the summer as long as I'm in an air-conditioned room (e.g., my diabetes classroom). I abhor heat combined with humidity such that I want to go up on a roof and snipe at random people (if I could climb that is). I had every intention of being on my Weight Watchers plan today (especially after my little binge yesterday), but our air-conditioning system at home is on the fritz; it's super hot and melty in the house; and my roommate and I have turned into crab cake snipers. And now my eating plan is going to the dogs because I'm stressed, which is something we learned about in class today. We also learned about things we could do to calm stress, but it's hard to think of any of them working in the context of extreme stickiness: not reading, not taking a bath, and particularly not gardening or petting my cat! Now I have to try to reconstruct my food from today so I can post it tomorrow.

So, in saunters the Serenity Prayer, the distraction of blogging, and the brand-new 15-oz. bottle of Johnson's Baby Powder I bought before I came home. Between these three things (and perhaps some extra sleeping meds), I should be able to get through the night).

After all, this too shall pass . . .

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