Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30, 2011: If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

Yesterday's food: 

God time? Yes
Meditation: Afternoon (no morning)
Exercise? Yes (swimming [+6 points])
Points: 38 of 42 
[P] Chicken sausage
[P] Turkey hot dog
[V] X
[V] X
[V or F] X
[F] Apple
[F] Applesauce
[St] Kashi
[St] Rice
[St] Baked beans
[St] Hot dog bun
[D] Skim milk
[D] Skim milk
[Sn] Klondike ice cream sandwich
[Sn] Klondike ice cream sandwich
[Nightfoodbar] Yes (x 2)
[W] Four cups
Weight lost so far: 7.8 pounds

Hi all. I had a kind of crappy food day yesterday and today, although I stayed within my Weight Watchers points for each day. I've lost a total of 7.8 pounds so far (3 of those last week!), but I think my "little" habit of allowing myself to binge just a wee bit on Fridays has got me craving sugar again. I haven't given in to it since last week, but it's made my daily eating a bit sloppy. Plus I purposely slept in this morning, and guess what happened? I had the same kind of craptastic eating day that I usually have when I sleep late! D'uh. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Every time I make the same mistake, I get smarter, so I'm trusting the renewed commitment to my body that God has awakened in me and trusting my process. Sometimes I have to revisit where I've been to know that I don't like it there anymore :-) At the very least I've kicked my thrice weekly (sometimes more) up a notch: I calculated my target rate and am checking my pulse between laps to make sure I'm swimming at an aerobic rate. I've nerve done that before!

I've also dialogued with my pastor about my two program ideas for church (recovery Bible study and an Al-Anon meeting) and am starting to make lists of good group co-leaders and such. I also wrapped up my invoicing for the month and paid my bills. I like it when all of my ducks are lined up nice and neat!

That's all for tonight. Blanca is waiting for her tickle :-)

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