Monday, January 3, 2011

01/03/11: Progress, Not Perfection

Yesterday's food:

01/02/11: Bed at 2:00 am/up at 12:00 pm
Egg white (x 2)
Kashi cereal w/ skim milk
Tea w/creamer
Brown rice
Corn & veggie mix
Fresh pineapple
Riceworks chips
Salad w/ *dressing
Pop Secret popcorn (x 1 snack bag)
Kashi cereal (x 2 bowls)
Water 4 c (including tea)
PT exercise? No

Hello, all (or maybe that should be "anyone," LOL). I must confess: I went off my abstinence plan (you'll see the food list tomorrow). It was a direct consequence of not going to bed on schedule and instead seducing myself into cruising the Internet (Facebook et al.) and eating. Plus the chewing/sugar cravings were really kicking in, and I gave in (more about this process later).

Usually, when I go on a "diet" and fall off, I say "screw it" (literally) and stuff myself silly. Typical addict black-and-white thinking: "If I can't do it perfectly the first time and forever after, then I might as well not do it at all." Global, all-or-nothing thinking. One of my many shortcomings. 
But, as I promised, I got right back on it today, even though it ended up being an awkward eating day. 

Recently I read The Taming of the Chew: A Holistic Guide to Stopping Overeating by Denise Lamothe. She explains that beating yourself up about overeating only perpetuates the problem and that the first step in stopping overeating is to forgive yourself right away and start over, an idea that resonated deeply with me. It's about progress, not perfection.

She also encourages a healthy relationship with your body (i.e., listening to it, attending to it, etc.), which sounds pretty corny as I write it, but if you're ready to hear that message, it's quite effective. Plus it has more spiritual implications if you think of your body as being God's temple, which I am beginning to do. It's finally hit me, right in my gut (no pun intended) that I'm a really sucky temple keeper! And that's where I have to start, with the truth. In the spirit of the Chew, I hereby forgive myself and am getting back on the abstinence wagon :-). 

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